Want to go deeper with Arduino and build 20 + projects from scratch!

Start with the basics and build projects with light, sound, sensors and progress to complex projects like a car controlled via a smartphone app, an open source phone and ultrasonic sensor alarm!

Learn to build Internet of Things projects that connect to the Cloud!

Over 17 + hours of high quality video step by step content!

Arduino Bootcamp : Learning Through Projects

Simple Projects

  • Controlling an LED with a Push Button Switch
  • Controlling a Piezo Buzzer with a Push Button Switch
  • Using a Potentiometer to adjust LED brightness
  • Controlling a CPU fan with user input
  • Controlling a CPU fan with a button
  • LED Reaction Game

Intermediate Projects

  • Buzzer Sound Recall Game
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Alarm
  • Digital Dice
  • Infrared Repeater
  • Joystick Matrix LED Game

Advanced Projects

  • Digital Stopwatch
  • Pan-Tilt Assembly Control
  • Online Weather Station
  • Remote Controlled Car (controlled via a smart phone app)
  • Open Source Phone

Building Internet of Things Projects with Arduino IoT Cloud

What you will Learn

  • A basic understanding of what is the Internet of Things
  • IoT Terminology
  • What is the Arduino IoT Cloud Platform
  • How to setup your Arduino MKR boards to connect to the Arduino IoT Cloud
  • How to use the Arduino Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Platform to build IoT apps with minimal code
  • How to build dashboards to monitor your Internet of Things (IoT) projects , peripherals and sensors
  • How to incorporate Webhooks in your Internet of Things (IoT) Applications
  • How to use the If This Then That (IFTTT) to integrate services into your IoT Applications
  • How to use Arduino MKR Boards to prototype Internet of Things (IoT) Projects
  • Securely connecting your Internet of Things (IoT) device to the Cloud
  • The ins and outs of the Arduino Web Editor

Arduino IoT Cloud Projects
No previous knowledge
No previous knowledge required

  • All concepts taught from scratch
  • Learn programming and electronics
  • All concepts explained step-by-step in detail
Build Working Projects
Build Complete Working Projects

  • Step-by-step project builds
  • Learn how to wire circuits
  • Write the code
  • Understand how hardware and software play together
Connect the projects to the cloud
Build IoT Projects that connect to the Cloud

  • Understand fundamental concepts about IoT
  • Build projects that connect to the cloud
  • Build dashboards and widgets to monitor your projects in real time

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