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Do you want to get started learning Arduino and Raspberry Pi, electronics and programming but are running into the following issues?

  • Tired of searching hours and hours on the Internet?

  • Confused about what boards, electronics parts or equipment you need to get started?

  • All the information you find is out of date?

  • Projects you try to build don't work and you can't get help because you don't understand the code?

  • Can't get a step-by-step guide that starts with the basics and progresses to advanced topics?

  • Confused by all the information out there and don't know where to start?

  • Want to really understand the electronics and programming concepts behind projects and why they work?

  • Can't find the right level for where you are at in your learning journey?

  • Want access to an instructor to help you to get your questions answered?

How can Power Learning Academy help me?

Hi, I'm Lee Assam. I have spent hundreds of hours trying to learn Arduino, Raspberry Pi by trying to find reliable tutorials on the Internet and it was a pain. Although I have a programming and electrical engineering background, I was running into the following issues:

  • Information on the Internet was scattered all over

  • Most of the information I found was out of date

  • I was finding it difficult to rely on our trust the accuracy of the tutorials and information that I found

  • It was hard knowing where to start

  • I could not find a step by step progressive guide that could start with the basics to ensure I understood foundational concepts and then

I wanted to use all my pain and create courses to help others learn these topics as quickly as possible.

I wanted to create a one-stop shop where you could get courses that provide a step-by-step hands-on learning support guide that helps you to learn electronics and programming by building real working projects.

I wanted to help others save countless hours of searching for old and outdated material with code examples that might not work with no support by using step by step detailed lesson plans that walk you through the fundamentals all the way to advanced concepts. This helps you become confident quickly and get a good understanding of what these platforms can do and how to build projects.

At Power Learning Academy we focus on tech topics such as electronics and programming.

Become and expert in:

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Programming
  • Building and Prototyping Projects

We always take the following approach to delivering course content:

  • All the fundamental principles are clearly explained
  • All courses are project-based so you actually learn by being hands-on and doing
  • For electronics courses, step by step wiring instructions and schematics are provided for circuits
  • Line by Line code reviews are provided for all projects in all courses
  • Materials, slides, links, documents and additional resources are provided for you to download for lectures
  • High quality video and sound instructional content are provided
  • Answers to any questions within 24 hours

Understand how the electronics, software and hardware all play together end to end. This is the best way to learn!

Some of the benefits of learning on Power Learning Academy are:

  • Ease of access to instructors (get your questions answered within 24 hours)
  • Code and videos are kept up to date (no more worrying about code breaking)
  • Full explanation for projects and code reviews
  • Access to the support of the learning community and all the resources

No more hours and hours of searching on the internet for tutorials that are outdated and don't work.

Get clear instructional content with step by step details and assistance as soon as you need it!

What will you learn today?

Checkout all the courses that are available.

Raspberry Pi

Master the Raspberry Pi

Become an export in this tiny powerful computer-based platform. Learn how to:

  • Flash Images
  • Install Software
  • Work with Linux
  • Program with Python
  • Work with GPIO pins
  • Work with sensors like a PIR sensor
  • Build a RetroPie Gaming System
  • Build a Google Home Clone
  • Build and Alexa Clone
  • Build Home Automation Projects

Start Learning Arduino

Understand the Arduino Platform by building projects from scratch.

Learn about:

  • Breadboards
  • LEDs
  • Active and Passive Buzzers
  • Switches
  • Potentiometers
  • Transistors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Seven Segment LEDs (single and four digit)
  • Infrared Receivers
  • Joysticks
  • 8x8 Matrix LEDs
  • Shift Registers
  • DC Motors
  • Servos
  • LCD Screens
  • Bluetooth Modules
  • Wifi and GSM Shields
  • And much much more...

Raspberry Pi

Building Alexa Skills for Home Automation with Raspberry Pi

Learn how to build basic Alexa Skills and use a Raspberry Pi to control any device in your home using your voice

  • Use a Raspberry Pi
  • Build Alexa Skills
  • Learn coding in Python
  • Learn to build circuits
  • Learn about Relays and IR sensors
  • Unleash the power of home automation to control anything with your voice

Learn how to Program in Languages like Python and C

Learn programming while building projects or focus specifically on courses that teach a programming language from the ground up!

Programming a a must-have skill in today's world. It can open up opportunities for a new career and you can leverage programming skills in many aspects of your life!

Learn Programming
Lee Assam

Hi, I’m Lee Assam.

I am passionate about teaching and technology, specifically on the topics of programming and electronics.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Master's Degree in Computer Science. I also have over two decades of professional industry experience with over 8 years of teaching experience.

I have taught as an adjunct instructor at multiple universities and have been an online instructor for over 5 years and have thousands of online students.

I enjoy teaching using a hands-on projects-based approach to learning and I am a firm believer of learning by doing.

I have a passion for innovation which has resulted in several wins in Hack Day competitions. I am a holder of numerous US Patents and have many Patent Applications submitted that are currently being reviewed.

I try to understand how the latest technology can be used to solve business problems and challenges in creative ways.

My goal is help you learn technology topics as quickly and as efficiently as possible through clear concise instruction with a hands-on learning approach.

I am looking forward to being your instructor! See you in the courses!

~ Lee Assam


"I have spent hours and hours trying to search the internet to learn Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The courses here get straight to the point teaching me step by step from the ground up! Electronics, programming, everything! I have wasted so much time learning the wrong stuff. I am so glad I found Lee's courses on Power Learning Academy! I only wish I found it sooner. The personal access to the instructor to answer questions was amazing!"

- Brad Clemmons

Brad Clemmons
Julia Sanchez

"This course was very informative and Lee is very good at teaching in an easy to understand manner. I have a few raspberry Pi's and have not done very much with them but since I have finished the course, I am going to start using the things I learned and make good use of the Pi's now."

- Julia Sanchez

"Great Course and Fabulous Content !! The best thing about this course was its course structure. It was structured so nicely that I was able to complete this course in just 2 days with 100% understanding. I just love the way how he first introduces what we are going to do in this segment, then what are the materials required after that the demo, and then my most favorite part: the code review. Everyone who wants to learn the know-how of Raspberry Pi must take this course !!!"

- Usef Priyad

Usef Priyad
Raheman Alberali

"From this course, I got a very good knowledge of python as a beginner."

- Raheman Alberali