Lee Assam


Lee Assam

BSc Electrical and Computer Engineering

MSc Computer Science

I'm Lee Assam. I bring to the table over two decades of professional software development, solution architecture and electrical engineering experience.

I first started teaching as an adjunct instructor at Universities and have been teaching online classes for about 5 years now.

I started learning electronics and Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Programming the hard way by spending hours and hours searching online for "Free" tutorials.

What I found was:

  • "Free" was definitely not good. You pay for what you get!
  • Information was scattered everywhere
  • A lot of information was outdated
  • I often could not get help and ask questions and had to figure it out on my own
  • A lot of project source code was broken and did not work
  • It was hundreds of hours of trial and error.

I have learnt so much that I decided to create online courses to help others to save time. I have distilled my years of knowledge into concise step by step guides to Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Programming that start you from scratch and progressively build up to advanced topics.

I always believe that by actually being hands-on is how you learn, so all courses have projects and code reviews to teach you electronics, hardware and software all bundled together. It is the best way to learn!

Learn Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Raspberry Pi and Arduino are the two most popular platforms used by hobbyists and professionals alike for prototyping. Their low cost make them a great option for building Internet of Things (IoT) projects. All courses are aimed at giving you a great foundational understanding of these platforms. Start with the basics and advance quickly to complex topics.

Learn Electronics

All electronics principles are explained when building projects. It is important to understand the fundamental concepts of electrical components when you are incorporating them in projects and interacting with them with code. All schematics and wiring diagrams are provided for projects with detailed step-by-step wiring videos.

Learn Programming

The major languages that are covered in courses are C and Python! C had been around for decades and is the programming language of choice for micro-controllers and embedded systems. Python is a modern, elegant, terse language that is the fastest growing programming language.